Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Fashion Weekend Review

9th-10th October 2010

This weekend, West Quay Mall, Southampton celebrated its tenth year opening. 

It hosted a free fashion weekend for all to participate in and to gather their own perspective of this falls latest trends.
The high-energy show was made up of eight of the ‘hottest trends’ of this season. It showed ‘Boys In The Band’ – which portrayed a grungy vibe consisting of parkers, knits and fur to LA Dolce Vita which portrayed a mafia and glamorous style with fur coats, leopard print and lace gloves. All the clothes sourced for the show were taken from some of the leading high street brands such as Zara, M&S and French connection found within the West Quay
The models put on a great show, which reflected in the audience’s mood, there was a relaxed and playful vibe to the whole show due to the interaction of the models whilst they were on stage. This was communicated through acting and dance. There was also great music, which really captured the atmosphere that I believe reflected each trend. Due to the time in which they had to turn around each trend the models wore very simplistic make-up, consisting of neutral colors around the eyes and berry coloured lips which matches the Autumnal feel well. The hair was similarly constructed, with a hint of 50’s influence.
Not only did the weekend show off some fabulous clothing, but in-between each catwalk there were demonstrations from make-up consultants such as Bobby Brown whom showcased their products and application of their make-up. Overall this was an informative and exciting event for fashion lovers in Southampton.

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